Fourth Falls

This is a huge, multi-tiered waterfall. The top consists of a split flow, with much of the water coming off the higher rocks to the right that (from the bottom) look like they shouldn't even have water on them. Further down, the water tumbles, cascades, and free-falls over several smaller streams (in normal flow) before ending in a huge, deep pool. This is a beautiful waterfall - one of the larger ones in the state.

Here's a video of the waterfall and here's a link to a photo gallery of it.

The waterfall - like the ones above it named First thru Third falls - are privately owned, and on the property of The Wilds Christian Camp. The only way to visit them is to become a paying guest at the camp, or by special permission.

The waterfall is about 3400ft upstream of where Toxaway Creek enters the Toxaway River/Lake Jocassee, or 1900ft beyond the private property boundary.


  • Height: 150 ft
  • Elevation: 1340 ft
  • Stream: Toxaway Creek
  • Landowner: The Wilds Christian Camp
  • GPS: 35.07635, -82.87773