Waterfall beside NC Highway 28

There's a man-made waterfall here which flows over the rock face created by the road cut. You'll only be able to catch a glimpse of it as you whiz by on the highway. It can be pretty neat during periods of rain, though during dry times it slows to a trickle.

From the intersection of NC Hwy. 28 and US Hwy. 74 west of Bryson City, drive about 16.5 miles. The waterfall will be on the rock cut to your left. You can see it on Google Street View if you look closely through the sun glare (at which point, you'll hopefully determine that it isn't worth driving out there to find).


  • Height: about 30 feet, estimated
  • Elevation: 2335 ft
  • Stream: Unnamed
  • Landowner: Nantahala National Forest - NC Hwy 28 ROW
  • GPS: 35.425218, -83.744917