Big Bradley Falls

This is a neat, big waterfall, but viewing it can be difficult. Also, unfortunately, the water stays muddy and large hemlock trees in the area are now all dead, further detracting from its appeal in my opinion.

If you're coming in from above, the viewing area is treacherous, and getting to the base from there requires ropes, gear, and rappelling and rock climbing skills. This waterfall is notoriously dangerous, and as of January 2017, 6 February 2017, 7 people have died there since the year 2000, making it tough to recommend.

There is another unofficial trail that comes in from the bottom across private property, which is probably a much safer way to visit, but I haven't confirmed that and legal access is not secured.


  • Height: 65 ft
  • Elevation: 1469 ft
  • Stream: Cove Creek
  • Landowner: Green River Game Lands
  • GPS: 35.267891, -82.291779