Blue Sea Falls

Blue Sea Falls

A spectacularly clear stream falls over a 30 ft high rock face into a deep, dark pool. The setting adds amazing character to the falls, which is located at the foot of some of the highest mountains in the East. A smaller falls downstream shoots off a huge, curved boulder into another blue-green pool.


  • Height: 30 ft
  • Elevation: 3600 ft
  • Stream: Blue Sea Creek
  • Landowner: Private
  • GPS: 35.76463, -82.310097


Driving Directions

Blue Sea Falls is located on private property and is inaccessible to the public, except on special occasions where the property owners have graciously allowed limited access by a local museum group. These folks are remarkable stewards of the land they own and I feel confident that the area around Blue Sea Falls will remain pristine. Please respect private property.

For more information about scheduled hikes, contact the Swannanoa Valley Museum.

Trail Description

The old Tom Wilson toll road runs within a few hundred feet of the falls. A side road and trail leads to the base of the falls. Again, the area is only accessible via special permission so please see the link above if you are interested in a future visit.